Possum B&E

This was a great way to start out the day. About 5 a.m. there was some sort of racket in the house. I couldn’t identify it. It sounded like some sort of jingling and thumping, like dressers opening or something, and the dogs were acting a little crazy. Dakota, in particular, was panting and panting (which is what she does instead of barking or whining when she’s stressed,) and kept pacing back and forth in front of our door. Then she’d collapse with a grunt in front of the door, guarding it.
I wondered if Rick was running away from home or something, so I checked…nope. He was still there.
Finally things quieted down and I went back to sleep.
This morning I got up, had a cup of coffee on the deck, then came in the computer room to check the news for the day (OK, to check Face Book!)
The dogs were worried about something in the corner of the room, but couldn’t get to it because of a chair and a box. So I got up to take a look. Yeah, I looked down at the little guy and he looked up at me all sad and scared. The first words out of my mouth were “Oh my.”
I could read his mind so I know that he replied, “Yeah. I know. Tell me about it. Would you please put the dogs out? They’re scaring me.” So I did.
Rick was still asleep, but he woke up right quick when I said, “Rick, there’s a possum in the house.”
Poor little guy. He’s all crouched in the corner behind me, about 5 feet away. We’re waiting on animal control now…

So, animal control came, said, “You got a possum under your deck?”
“No, no. He’s in the house, in the corner right here.”

Silly possum. This isn’t the place for you!

Could have been worse. I could have been camping out at the lake and went to a dark area to go potty and crouched on top of one and peed on it….wait. Been there, done that.Image


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