“Shut up, Mom!” September 2013

I have twin grand babies. A boy and a girl. When they were about 8 months old, Savannah was crawling, but Kale…wasn’t. Not exactly. His MO was to drag himself across the floor with his hands, dragging his legs behind him. I told Corrie he looked like a paraplegic.
“He does not look like a paraplegic!”
“Yes, he does.” Then a moment later I upset her a little further when I hollered, “Lieutenant Dan! Lieutenant Dan! Where ya goin’?”
“Shut up, Mom!”


Also, he’ll be moving along, then stop, roll on his side, prop his leg up and put his hand on his hip. Beefcake. I told Corrie that he’s going to grow up to be a Chip and Dale dancer. “He is NOT going to be a Chip and Dale dancer, Mom! He’s gonna be an astronaut!”
“I think Chip and Dale does astronauts.”
“Shut up, Mom.”
“It could be worse. He could grow up to be the Hoff.”

The Hoff


When they were born, 5 weeks early, Corrie said, “Aren’t they beautiful?”
I said, “Well, um, they kinda look like ET. Especially that one with the big ole eyes.”
“That’s Savannah Mom! And they don’t look like ET!”
“It’s OK. ET was cute.”
“Shut up, Mom!”




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