In Which Savannah Gets Paper

Savannah. She’s so sweet. She LOVES paper. All kinds of paper. Yesterday we were playing the Seattle Space Needle Slow Ride (slowly spinning my office chair around with the twins on my lap) while listening to Livin’ On Tulsa Time. Every time we wound up facing part of the table again, I’d go back the other way. On the left side of the table was a piece of paper that has Rick’s business mileage on it for taxes. The first time it came in her view she went to grab it, so I quickly began turning the other way so she couldn’t. After about 7 turns I realized…we have the mileage on the computer. She can have that paper!
So the next time I stopped, right in front of it. Savannah, after having been denied so many times, slowly reached out and put her hand on the paper. She let it rest there for a moment and (I kid you not) started drumming her fingers on it! It wasn’t fast, it was more like a very slow song on the piano, but she did drum her fingers for several seconds. Then she pet the paper. Then she rubbed it. Then she gently took a corner of the paper between her thumb and her forefinger. I started to spin away so she could pull it out from the USB cables and stuff that was on it, but the instant I started to turn she let go.
So I turned back. She tapped her finger on the paper, then she stroked it again. Then she sighed and grasped the corner again, ever so daintily between her thumb and forefinger, and slowly started drawing the paper out. As soon has she had it I slowly spun away….and was rewarded with that dazzling, sweet smile and a twinkle in her blue eyes!

She thinks Gramma is nothing less than the Universe and the Universe loves her.



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