Chris and the Floaty.

Once upon a time I had taken the kids swimming somewhere.  Christopher was about 6.  We had all kinds of inflatable stuff in the van. Chris was up front. At one point he grabbed a deflated “bed” (what the kids called the plastic, inflatable pool rafts) and started blowing it up.
I said, “Don’t blow that up in the car!!!”
He looked at me to acknowledge that he’d heard me….but then, put his lips back to the blow-up hole!
I quickly stopped the car in disbelief and said, “Chris!!  I told you not to blow that up!”  I was in shock that he’d even consider disobeying me!
He looked at me indignantly and said, “I was sucking the air back out!”
“…..Oh.  Well…..  Good thinking.  Carry on.”




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