In Which Chris Thinks the Neighbor Lady is Trying to Kill Him.

When Chris was about 4 he was invited to eat dinner at a friend’s house.  At one point the mom called me and said Chris didn’t want to eat his dinner.  She said, “He almost acts like he’s afraid of it!”
I’m thinking “Whaaa?”  My son was not a picky eater.  And afraid  of it?  So I asked what they were having.  She said, “Fish sticks.”  I continued to be befuddled.  He eats fish sticks just fine.  So I asked to talk to him.  I asked him what was up.
He said, “Well, she asked me if I wanted retarded sauce and I didn’t know if I should eat that.”
I laughed and assured him it was OK to eat tarter sauce!  He chirruped “OK!”
I guess if I was only 4 and someone tried to give me retarded sauce I’d want to talk to my mom too!  One of the few times he ever showed any discretion, and it was over tarter sauce.


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