The Attack of the Attack Kids


Little kids (< age 3) are just so damn mean I don’t know why we even try to discipline it out of them.
Yesterday we had 7 of the 9 grandkids all together in one place. They ranged from 10 years old to 7 months. It was noisy. It was busy. It was awesome. Rick said that when no one was looking Kale, age 16 months, walked by his 7 month old cousin, Zoey, who was sitting on the floor, minding her own business, and Kale just shoved her over as he walked by. She did a face plant on the rug and started crying.
Kale turned to look at her, astonished. He and his twin sister do stuff like that to each other all the time, have since they could reach each other, and they don’t cry. Savannah may shriek in rage, but she doesn’t cry. He found it so interesting that he did it 3 more times. It worked each time.
Then, a while later, 2 year old Adrionna slammed a door so it hit Zoey on the head. Adrionna didn’t mind at all. She found it interesting, as a matter of fact. Until Dad hollered at her.
Poor Zoe Zoe. Being the youngest in a passel of attack kids is hell.


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