In Which Brandy Calls Bologna!

My poor grand daughter! Brande is 10. She was here after school one day last week when she was unlucky enough to find herself on the back deck, alone, with Gramma and Uncle Chris. Chris and I were talking about the plants and Brande wanted to know what was growing in this one small pot.
Uncle Chris said, “Birds.”
She said, “What?”
Chris said, “Yeah, Gramma and Jaden planted bird seed there so they’re growing birds.”
Brande says, “Birds don’t come from plants!”
I said, “Well, think about it. You plant flower seeds you get…flowers.”
Chris said, “Yeah, and when you plant tomato seeds you get……..tomatoes. So if you plant bird seed you get…..________?”
Brande yells, “WELL YA DON’T GET BIRDS!!!!!!”
So we’re grinning and Chris said, “Have you heard of olive oil?”
Brande nodded at him, suspiciously.
Chris says, “You get it from squishing olives.”
I said, “Yeah, and you get peanut oil from squishing peanuts.”
Chris said, “So, Brande, you ever wonder where baby oil comes from?”
I had tears in my eyes, and I was so proud of her for loudly, and clearly, calling “BOLOGNA!” when she heard it!Image


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