Baby Possums Gone Wild

WTH??? Woke up this morning to Rick fumbling with the screen on the window that’s behind the bed. He said, “How do you unlatch the screen?”
I told him, then said “Why?”
“Because there’s a baby possum on the window sill.”
I sat up, peered through blurry, babysitter-tired eyes, and sure enough. Baby possum less than a foot behind my head.
“Cute little guy,” I said, then laid back down.
Rick said something like, “Cute little guy my ass,” and got the screen open wide enough to scootch him out into the bush below our window, and I went back to sleep.

OK, WHERE the hell did it come from, and HOW the hell did it get up there? Did I have baby possums walking on me during the night?

This is a true story, guys. Cross my heart. I remember thinking I needed to get my camera, but it was about 6 a.m. Too early for Camera.


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