Jaden, the Clown, and the Panther

Well, Jaden has a circus going on. We have this kid’s piano that plays beats and back ground music and lots of annoying things, and the batteries will NEVER die.
So suddenly I hear circus music coming from the stupid thing (which, after all these years, I didn’t even know it had) and the next thing I know…we have a wild panther, Jaden is the Lion Tamer of the panther AND he is the ring master, and a clown showed up out of nowhere, and all this circus music is going on. He told me I had to make some popcorn and he’s trying to charge me admission.

You have no idea how hard it is to make a clown face, with food coloring, on a 9 month old clown who is doing acrobats as I’m trying to paint. And I’m supposed to PAY for all this?

Update: Well, we decided to settle on English muffins rather than popcorn for the circus because the clown could choke on popcorn. See.

Update:  The clown has spread red food coloring all over her face and she looks like a Zombie.  Who’s dumb idea was that, anyway?

Update:  Jaden played Circus most of the morning. He came to me once, holding an empty Coke box and said, in his best, deep ring leader voice, “Pull the striiiing and something will happen!”
So I pulled the striiing and something happened. Well, what happened was the string was tied to something and that was my prize. I think it was his lion taming kit.

I also got to choose random prizes out of a box full of prizes. I won a bunch of stuff that Zoey was playing with earlier. Then I pulled a nickle out of the prize box. I was so excited. But then he said I couldn’t keep it. I had to put it back in the box. He wouldn’t let me keep ANY of the money I won. I could only keep just bibs and balls and lion taming kits and a book about a duck.

IMG_4344IMG_4343IMG_4342  IMG_4345


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