Kale and the Soccer Ball

Kale is so funny! So, he brought a really wet, muddy soccer ball in from the yard. I told him to throw it back outside. He threw it in the kitchen. I told him to pick it up and throw it OUT SIDE. He kicked it further into the kitchen.
I put him in time out.
Two minutes later he was free again, and he ran outside and I kind of forgot about it for a moment. Then I spied the ball on the chair in the living room. I picked it up and went to the back door and called for Kale to come to me.
He was uncertain about what to do. He saw me with the ball, and since he had just gotten into trouble over the ball, and I was looking pretty serious, he knew it meant SOMETHING, most likely something bad, but he wasn’t sure what. He was loath to come to me, but even more loath to disobey me.
Our deck has 2 levels. The bottom level isn’t very far above the ground, and comes about to the top of the twin’s legs.
So Kale made it as far as that deck, then leaned over from the hips down, which caused his upper body to splat on the deck.
“Fall down,” he said.
“Kale! Come here!”
With that he brought his arms up from his sides, and spread them out on the deck so they were all splatted too, along with his upper torso.
“Fall down.”
Come here!”
He slowly brought one knee up on the deck, then the other, crawled a couple of feet, and splatted all out, on the deck again.
“Fall down,” he said.
It took forever, about 4 days, but he always kept moving toward me, inches at a time, so he was just short of actual disobedience, but he finally made it to me, falling down the whole way, and then stood in front of me, head down  in abject sorrow, while I was trying like hell to keep a serious, stern face.
I had backed into the house a bit so I could know my instructions would be clearly understood. I handed him the ball and said, “Throw this outside!”
He responded instantly! He spun around, ran to the door, and threw it outside immediately! He spun back around to look at me, to see if I was still all fierce looking.  I wasn’t. I was grinning from ear to ear and said, “Good job! Go play!”

I was rewarded with That Grin.



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