People often tell me that they really enjoy the stories I’ve told over the years about my kids and grandkids–about my crazy life in general. Several have suggested I start a blog so I finally did. This is my blog.

I’ll be happy to share your funny kids stories too. Feel free to email me at perfectform95@yahoo.com with your funny stories. I reserve the right to edit all submissions.

♥ I have three kids. The oldest is Jen and she has two boys, Ryan and Blake.

♥ My middle child is Corrie, and she has Brande, Aden, Kale and Savannah. None of her kids match. Not even Kale and Savannah, and they’re twins!

♥ Then there is my youngest, Chris. Over the years he has provided me with a plethora of hair raising stories. Chris has three kids so far, Jaden, Adrionnah, and Zoey, but he isn’t done yet. When he was five I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He said “A Dad.” I asked him how many kids he wanted. He said, “24.” He’s 26 now, and I don’t think he’s changed his mind about that number!


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